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We're developing the products and platforms to maximise the benefits of new mobility for people, communities, and the planet.

introducing jrny

Introducing JRNY:
A neutral network for new mobility

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Imagine a world that has fewer vehicles because they are used more often

A century after the car offered a freedom in personal transportation that was unimaginable to previous generations, we find ourselves on the cusp of another greater mobility revolution.

At Tomorrow’s Journey we are developing products and services to help this revolution fulfill its promise and prevent it resulting in another high cost, inefficient and environmentally damaging system like the transport solutions we have today.

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The JRNY platform aims to solve a fundamental problem of both old and new mobility - chronic underutilisation.

We believe the solution to the challenge is to tap unused potential by developing a network of vehicles that can be utilised by any mobility service, we call this concept the ‘sharable, neutral fleet’.

If you are interested in joining our growing list of pilot partners or would just like more information on the project drop us a line.

Our team

Sian Gannon Profile

A commercial lawyer working within the logistics industry, Siân is passionate about the way in which smart contracting will provide businesses with more flexible legal frameworks

Sian gannon

Co-Founder & COO

Chris Kirby Profile

A respected thought leader in the emerging automotive mobility sector. Chris’ knowledge in Mobility is backed by 15 years of industry experience across the fleet, retail, finance and rental markets

Chris Kirby

Co-Founder & CEO

Matt Potts Profile

An experienced Lead Developer and Technical Architect Matt has worked for a number of large corporations on big infrastructure projects specialising in big data management

Matt potts

Co-Founder & CTO

Nick James Profile

A Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified marketer who has worked on campaigns for some of the world’s largest automotive brands, Nick is deeply interested in emerging technology and new mobility.

Nick James

Co-Founder & CMO

David Profile

A recent global board member at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), David has chaired the FLA , run GM’s financial services arm in the UK and Europe, and was a Senior VP at Toyota Financial Services

David Betteley


Ed has lectured widely on emerging trends in the financial services sector and acts as consultant to a number of institutions, banks and multinationals on strategic information technology strategies

Ed White


Paul Bennet Profile

Paul is an entrepreneur with more than 35 years commercial experience, for the last 25 years he has worked across Automotive Retail, Financial Services and Data & Systems

Paul Bennett


Arwen Smit Profile

Arwen founded DOVU, the blockchain-based reward platform for the mobility sector, in 2016. And in 2018 started MintBit, a blockchain advisory service. Arwen joins Tomorrow’s Journey to our blockchain strategy

Arwen smit


News & Announcements

Mobility Podcast Episode 3 Available
Episode 3 Catherine Hutt speaks to our CEO Chris Kirby about the Groundbreaking MERGE Greenwich Project, which was designed to simulate how an autonomous ride-sharing service could impact the wider transport ecosystem in the borough.
Listen Now
Arwen Smit Joins Tomorrow's Journey
A U G U S T - 2 0 1 8 | Arwen Smit joins Tomorrow's Journey to advise on business and blockchain strategy. Arwen is known in the mobility space as a co-founder of DOVU the blockchain powered reward platform that has recently piloted with BMW/Alphabet.
Two Awards at IAFN 2018
S E P T E M B E R - 2 0 1 8 | The Tomorrow's Journey team pick up both the Finance Dragons Innovation and Fintech Innovator awards at Asset Finance International 2018.
Mobility Podcast Episode 2 Now Available
October - 2 0 1 8 | In Episode 2 of our Mobility podcast series, our CEO Chris Kirby is once again joined by Ben Boutcher-West Head of Mobility at Appyparking and also by Head of Commercial Development at Immense Simulations Luke Rust to discuss the adoption of EV’s, it’s potential effects on the mobility revolution and much more.
Listen Now
Fleet Heroes Awards Finalists!
We're really pleased to announce that our CEO Chris Kirby has been shortlisted for the Energy Savings Trust Fleet Heroes Entrepreneur of the Year Award, sponsored by MINI.
Visit The Fleet Heroes Awards here
Mobility Podcast Episode 1 Available
A U G U S T - 2 0 1 8 | Episode 1 of the Mobility Podcast is released. Listen as Chris, Tom and Ben meet to discuss their thoughts on the automotive industry, city infrastructure, future tech and much more.
Listen Now

Awards & Recognition

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Finance Dragons Innovation Award

September 2018

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Fintech Innovator

September 2018

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Future Mobility Challenge Finalists

September 2018

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